After distributing gift boxes overseas with great success since 2007, the  time has come to take a bold step forward and change how we do things.

Justice. Compassion. Love.

Enabling women, men and children living in some of the world’s poorest communities to create sustainable pathways out of poverty and distress.

Since 2007, we have been distributing gift boxes overseas with great success, bringing joy to children living in Madagascar, Zambia, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, Togo, Rwanda and Guyana. Even after 12 years of success we can still consider new ways forward in how we do things. As a result our Giftbox Appeal has changed – and we think for the better.

We would love to have more children benefit through the support from more or our donors and friends in the UK. So, we have been looking at ways to make the gift box project bigger and and also more sustainable. Together with the Board of Trustees we have decided to stop collecting and sending actual boxes packed with gifts overseas and move the gift box appeal into the DIGITAL age where everyone who is interested can get involved. There are no restrictions on how many gifts we can send as before!

Donors can select which country they want to support and fill a gift box using the ‘drag and drop’ before making an online payment.  All the donations are sent directly to the local ADRA office who then purchase and distribute the gifts directly to the children with auditing by our office.

This new format for our Gift Box Appeal is a greener project with a lower carbon footprint, it benefits the local economy where the gifts are purchased and help to make sure children get the gifts they really need. News and updates on the project will be sent out using the contact details you provide when making your donation – so make sure to give us your email to receive the pictures and stories on the children you’ve helped.

As with every change there are positives and negatives. Change is inevitable and moving the Gift Box Appeal online will allow us to ensure it’s sustainability and more importantly enable us to support countries we could never have shipped real gift boxes to due to local circumstances (Myanmar, Sudan, Syria etc). More countries can benefit from our support in this way.

Thank you for supporting us and supporting children around the world! 

You can find more information about ADRA on our main website at