Will children get a real gift box from ADRA?

Yes. We will send your monetary donation to participating UK ADRA community hubs. They will buy the gifts local children need most. The gifts could be distributed in a bag or box but what matters is that the children receive what helps them in life.

Will children get the actual gift box items I choose?

Our ADRA community hub will confirm what would help the targeted disadvantaged children the most. The items you select for your box are just an example of what could help these children.

How much of my donation will go to buy gifts?

100% of your donation will be sent to the participating ADRA community hubs. They will purchase and distribute the gifts. We anticipate the cost of for the logistics will be between 5-10%

Why did ADRA stop sending real gift boxes?

After having shipped thousands of gift boxes overseas we have decided to go greener and bigger and save money! We will no longer pollute the world and spend lots of money doing it but instead use a digital solution to bring smiles to even more children!

Why is the virtual gift box greener?

Just imagine the carbon footprint we leave behind doing it the old way: getting carton boxes made in a factory, sent across the UK to churches and schools, filled by our supporters, returned by courier to us in Watford, checked and packed and shipped back to ADRA community hubs for distribution. Now we are only buying what is already on the local market helping both the local shopkeepers and getting to the children exactly what helps them most.

How do I know my donation has helped?
If you provide your contact details and permit us to contact you via email we will keep you updated with stories and pictures of the actual distribution and the joy on the children’s faces.
What if I want to support this appeal but don’t want to do so online?
We understand that not everyone can or feels comfortable donating online. That doesn’t mean you can’t take part. You can still make a collection, either in church or through fundraising and send us your cash or cheque donations. Contact us for more information on how to send us your offline donations.
Why Gift Aid?

Your donation is worth up to 25% more when you apply gift aid. Please add gift aid to your donation to help ADRA-UK cover processing, transfer and operational costs for the appeal. Please note that while the full 100% of your donation will benefit disadvantaged COVID impacted children in the UK, ADRA-UK will retain any gift aid that may be applied to cover our costs.